About the book “GMP From Engineering Aspects”

In the era of Industry 4.0 today, with the outstandingly rapid growth of the internet and big data, with just one mouse click you can find countless results related to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP ) online. However, how to understand the principles and regulations of GMP is not an easy thing at all, if you just do study it on your own without going through a practical application or a guidance and explanation by experts. It is clear when anyone able to read and understand the GMP guidelines fluently he/she very mostly comes from his/her own the experience of applying those knowledges practically from his/her daily works associated with GMP.

On the other hand, the team of engineers and technicians are the main and indispensable force of pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as other related parties such as construction contractors, MEP contractors, PE vendors, Testing equipment vendors, measuring tool vendors, utilities vendors,  suppliers of raw materials, etc.

For the benefits of this group, the Chairman of CM Plus Vietnam – Shigehiro Tahara – the SME in pharmaceutical design has written a book titled “GMP From Engineering Aspects”. The book introduces a more accessible approach to GMP-related issues from a technical point of view, so that engineers can grasp knowledge more easily, from which they can even gain more knowledge, and even find the answers to their own questions.

CMPV would like to introduce this book to all readers as soon as possible.

Specific translation – Interpreter provision for pharmaceutical inspections by authorities

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences terminologies and processes are always of particular category. Knowing the definitions, understanding the true meaning of how the processes going on in order to translate them from Vietnamese into other commonly used languages ​​such as English and Japanese is never an easy task, even for language experts who may not know well about what we are doing in our specific fields.

This knowledge brings great benefits in the following tasks: preparation and compilation of pharmaceutical quality management system, translation for both documentation and interpretation for pharma inspectors when inspection, or when receiving foreign investment by an M&A or similar activities, etc.

We provide translation and interpretation services for all activities in regard with translations  for Pharmaceutical industry and other related industries. Especially, we are doing our very good job in the service of providing interpreters for pharmaceutical inspections, where translated results are all the time  required to be absolutely accurate, that significantly contributes to decide whether the results of that inspection would be good or bad.

We understand English and Japanese languages to confidently serve you.

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