Conceptual Design

This is the high expertise service of CMPV bringing the company’s main service segment in its first years of establishment. The remarkable success of this work brings an official recognition of CMPV’s capacity to customers, especially in the Top 20 group of Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies that  had used CMPV’s services, and to recognize CMPV’s ability and spread it out through those projects in the area of the pharmaceuticals.

CD is the product in the first stage of the design chain that CMPV brings to clients. In the period of Vietnam’s moving forward to global GMPs, the Concept designed for a pharmaceutical facility plays an indispensable role to define the most authentic and cross-cutting principle of a pharmaceutical facility. It is this Conceptual design that will serve as a benchmark for all the problems that arise thereafter and become the basic arguments for manufacturers to perform their “accountability” to pharmaceutical inspectors during future inspections done by authorities.

In terminologies of design, the Conceptual design is to open up and guide the Basic and Detailed Design / Construction drawings later, and determines the success of construction/renovation project(s) of a pharmaceutical plant.

Basic Design

Basic Design which is developed from a Conceptual Design is an important and indispensable design which helps shape the project to consider and select the best design option among many options for the best quality, technology, manufacturing and operating conditions of the new plant.

Front – End Engineering Design (FEED)

FEED is developed from a basic design. It shows the full range of technological solutions, specifications and materials used for the building based on technical standards and regulations. It is the basis for detailed design/ construction drawing design later to come.

Detailed Design/ Construction Drawings

Detailed Design/ Construction design is the last stage in an Engineering process which is developed from a Front – End Engineering Design. It shows a full range of structural details, materials used, specifications based on technical standards and regulations. The detailed design / construction drawing design must ensure enough information to implement the construction of a project.

Other Engineering Services

  • Design review for GMP compliance

This service is helpful for both the project owner (pharma companies) and contractors in terms of design quality improvement in order to reach a guaranteed compliance with target GMPs expected.

  • Site Master Planning

Site master planning is to determine the land boundary, location, size, height, … of construction items inside a project. Site master plan should match with the general planning of the industrial park and the region surrounding. The master plan must meet the regulations on greenery density, construction density, safe distance, emergency exits, escape routes, … Besides, it must ensure the criteria of convenience, safety, economical and sustainable conditions throughout the project’s operation.

  • Design verification

Design verification is the work of checking design documents done by another independent design consultancy company to neutrally ensure that design documents comply with technical requirements, current standards and regulations.

  • Design for modification, upgrading and expanding projects

Design for modification, upgrading and expanding buildings to optimize production, expand and increase capacity for the plant.

Design for modification, upgrading and expanding works is a difficult task that requires designers to have enough knowledge and experience, a clear understanding of the existing operating processes and working conditions of the existing plant. The they must be able to get the newly designed items connected back to the existing conditions of that plant with a steady ensuring that production is safely maintained throughout all the construction and renovation periods.

  • Inspection, Analysis and Assessment of existing projects

Existing buildings after a period of use will have settlement, cracking, permeation, leaks, and mosses … The purpose of Inspection, analysis and assessment of existing projects is to find the cause of those status and provide solutions to fix them, in order to make the building last longer and reduce potential risks.

  • Topographic Survey / Geological Survey

Topographic survey and Geological survey are important works that must be done before design works of a project. Topographic survey is to determine directions, location and elevation of the land for site grading and clearance. Geological survey is a method of physical testing carried out at the site and in the laboratory to understand that soil properties for geotechnical design. (Foundation design, retaining wall design, ground improvement …)