Seminars conducted by CMPV aim to bring more knowledge about global GMP to clients, and are an opportunity and a platform where international experts from CMP Group come meet and share their practical experiences in relation to GMP compliance and implementation guidelines. Since Vietnam decided to go towards for compliance with global GMPs (PIC / S GMP) and other international GMPs required by the target markets (such as EU GMP, J-GMP, cGMP, etc.), this knowledge becomes much more useful for the pharmaceutical industry and related industries.Read More »


This is the high expertise service of CMPV bringing the company’s main service segment in its first years of establishment. The remarkable success of this work brings an official recognition of CMPV’s capacity to customers, especially in the Top 20 group of Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies that  had used CMPV’s services, and to recognize CMPV’s ability and spread it out through those projects in the area of the pharmaceuticals.Read More »

Feasibility Study Report

Pre-feasibility study and detailed feasibility study report support services help customers in achieving business strategy and maximizing profit while coping with project-specific constraints.Read More »

Project & Construction Management

CMPV provides Project and Construction managements which are crucially important factors for success of a project as a whole.Read More »

Bidding Support

Bidding document preparation and Tender documents evaluation for Contractor selection

CMPV provides Bidding support services which brings benefits to project owners in contractor selection by which a best contractor would be picked up to implement the project with the highest quality, on schedule, and at the lowest cost.Read More »

Other services

In the era of Industry 4.0 today, with the outstandingly rapid growth of the internet and big data, with just one mouse click you can find countless results related to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP ) online. However, how to understand the principles and regulations of GMP is not an easy thing at all, if you just do study it on your own without going through a practical application or a guidance and explanation by experts. It is clear when anyone able to read and understand the GMP guidelines fluently he/she very mostly comes from his/her own the experience of applying those knowledges practically from his/her daily works associated with GMP.Read More »