We deliver professional services to provide best valued solutions to any questions that clients may have in relation to all international GMP standards such as EU-GMP (PIC/S), cGMP, J-GMP and WHO-GMP

1. From Gap Analysis to Mock Inspection

At the First step, if a new GMP like PIC/S GMP should be additionally applied to a factory in operation, the Man, Machine, Method and Material must be investigated to identify gaps or differences from the relevant GMP requirements.
CM Plus will investigate and analyze the gaps, and report to the client with a clear proposal on possible countermeasures and a road map for subsequent actions.

At the Second, a further detailed discussion should be taken place to determine the way to go. In order to facilitate such discussions, CM Plus usually categorizes the gaps into two groups, namely “hardware” and “software”, and proceeds with discussions with the client to come up with best valued solutions in favor of the client.

At the Third, according to client’s request, CM Plus will assume responsibilities for execution of engineering and construction. CM Plus will also provide the client with professional support services to set up proper quality systems with pertinent standard operation procedures (SOP) and GMP training courses for the personnel.

At last, CM Plus will perform a mock inspection to assure that all of the 4-Ms (Man, Machine, Method and Material) should be made good for expected inspections by the competent authority.

2. Support to build and improve Quality Management System (QMS/PQS)

Our consultants can help clients build and reorganize quality management systems (QMS) and
pharmaceutical quality systems (PQS).
They can also propose an ideal SOP documentation structure based on sound quality assurance policies.
The service also covers documentation support, including Master Batch Records (MBRs) for making reliable and efficient release, and SOPs and other records for assuring high quality manufacturing operations.
– GMP organization,
– QMS/PQS documentation management structures
– MBRs (for manufacturing/packaging), SOPs.

3. Support to build and improve Laboratory Control System

The service covers support for building a wide range of quality assurance systems, including management of samples/reference standards/reagents, validation of analytical methods, and qualification/ maintenance/calibration of test equipment.

  • Certification system;
  • Qualification documents for test equipment;
  • Sampling procedures;
  • Laboratory layouts,

4. Proposal to improve facilities and equipment designs

From the viewpoint of GMP, our consultants review clients’ facilities layouts, cleanliness zoning, and flows of personnel and materials to propose measures for improvement.

This service covers support for drafting of Validation Master Plans (VMP) and other related documents based on the risk-based analysis, and guidance for implementing DQ/IQ/OQ including review and guidance for execution and record keeping. This ensures that validation is implemented smoothly and without redundancy.
We also offer consultation services to support the implementation of CSV and ER/ES (CFR Part 11) based on the Guideline on Management of computerized system set forth by the Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare, and Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP), including latest debates and trends.

  •  VMP (for facilities and equipment);
  •  IQ/OQ protocols, procedures, records, plans, reports;
  •  CSV & ER/ES design policies

GMP training at clients’ premises

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Mock-inspection

Our world-class consultants include former inspectors at the FDA, EU (PIC/S) who can conduct smock inspection for our clients and make appropriate recommendation according to the level of readiness of each client.

  • Simulated inspection by former inspectors (conducted in the same way as actual inspections)
  • Analysis of the client’s GMP inspection readiness and reports on required improvements

Customize topics:

Group training: we dispatch our staff to the client’s site to conduct a gap analysis and determine the issues at hand, in terms of both the hard ware (facilities/ equipment) and software (procedures/ systems), considering the gap analysis results and the client’s desires, we then develop annual training plan. Our problem-solving approach to GMP training not only helps to resolve the client’s issues but also enables greater understanding of GMP among its employees. Courses are taught by top consultants in their respective fields who are on contract with GMP platform. They include Japanese, foreigners and/or local people. Courses are delivered at the client’s premises.