Was established in


CM Plus Vietnam (CMPV) was established in 2013, head office in Ho Chi Minh City, is a subsidiary of CM Plus Group founded by Chairman Tsunehiro Togashi in 2007 in Yokohama, Japan.

Following the traditional services that our Group performs, CMPV develops services in the way that matches the Vietnam market and industries’ requirements. Our outstanding feature is to provide both critical services at the same time a Life Science project usually requests: Design solutions (from Concept to Details to implement) and GMP solutions to comply with GMP and other regulatory requirements that each industry may require in Vietnam and internationally.

Our business philosophy is to “bring new values” to clients. Those are closely related to the “beyond normal” success of a project by making full use of knowledge, capabilities and agility in applying innovative and evocative ideas in compliance with global standards.


CM Plus Group Founder and Chairman

CM Plus Group Founder and Chairman's Message


We seek to be a company with a global vision, always adopting the latest innovations to help our clients prosper, and giving ourselves a sense of aspiration and fulfillment.


CM Plus Vietnam’s Chairman

Message from Tahara Chairman

“Hello Everyone,

I came to Vietnam and started working for CMPV since 2013 and then live in Ho Chi Minh City since 2014 after I sold out my house in Japan. That fact proves how much I would like to get closely involved myself in Vietnam country.

Working with foreigners is my dream, especially bringing up to the local specialists who are engineers some good expertise and making them understand about GMP and Validation works for Pharmaceutical and Medical device industries.

Our team/ Our company CMPV is still small but all members’ capability is so high and they are still developing it throughout the actual projects.

I feel very happy when some of clients appreciate my staff’s work and behaviour which they try to contribute for clients always.

CMPV has been contributing and will contribute the level up of GMP for Vietnamese pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Please come visit our homepage to see what we are doing.

Thank you very much with our best regards”.

Strategic Vision

Values do not remain the same; they vary from time to time.
Listen to the clients carefully to capture the values needed for their problem solving.
Our mission is to provide the values in need.
Innovation can only be inspired out of catalysis among professionals.
Values can only be created by innovation.
Innovation is the engine to drive our development and growth.

Historical mission

Company of Multiple Intelligences Meeting Social Needs.
Growth Synchronized with Social Change.
Thrilled with the Task.
“Only One and Unique” Enterprise.
Globalized Business Vision.
Happiness for Employees and Customer Satisfaction

About our Team

With a thorough understanding of which requirements clients expect the most from a project, CMPV’s team of engineers and consultants always put customer satisfaction at the top priority.

Led by experts who are first class architects, engineers, and senior consultants in GMP coming from Japan and other countries in the region, with extensive knowledge background and sharp experience from actual projects, Team CMPV including experienced engineers and consultants trained with expertise and hi-tech provide the best support to the Client’s project(s).

Our engineers and experts in each field catch up every aspect of the requirements by the Clients and offer the optimal solutions both in terms of specific subjects and investment costs in order to optimize Clients’ benefits.

We are well knowledgeable and efficiently operating in the following majors: architecture, structure, mechanical, electricity, piping, water supply and drainage, fire protection and fighting, cost estimation, local and global GMP consulting, training to enhance knowledge and support to respond well to inspections done by authorities.