Tahara Shigehiro

CM Plus Vietnam’s Chairman

Hello Everyone,
I came to Vietnam and started working for CMPV since 2013 and then live in Ho Chi Minh City since 2014 after I sold out my house in Japan. That fact proves how much I would like to get closely involved myself in Vietnam country. Working with foreigners is my dream, especially bringing up to the local specialists who are engineers some good expertise and making them understand about GMP and Validation works for Pharmaceutical and Medical device industries. Our team/ Our company CMPV is still small but all members’ capability is so high and they are still developing it throughout the actual projects. I feel very happy when some of clients appreciate my staff’s work and behaviour which they try to contribute for clients always. CMPV has been contributing and will contribute the level up of GMP for Vietnamese pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Please come visit our homepage to see what we are doing. Thank you very much with our best regards.